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17 Jul 2017

Some Warm Up Tips Before A Game Of Golf


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Posted By Mae P.

When it comes to warming up for a golf game, a lot of golfers think that hitting the driving range is enough. Actually, working on your different swings and getting familiar with the weather conditions also help to make your golf game the best it can be.

Golfing on a windy day is much different than if the air is calm. Your golf game is also affected on days when the temperature is hot than when it is more moderate. Here are a few warm-up tips from those who hit the golf courses regularly.

Starting out by driving is fine, but make sure that you start slowly. By choosing a short iron for the first few drives, you are allowing your muscles to loosen up. Gradually work up to longer drives, but keep in mind that the goal is not only to see how far out you can drive the ball control is more important than distance and this is your chance to gather your skills to exercise that control.

Just driving the ball is not enough. Some people think an adequate warm up is simply making a few good drives. Practice a little chipping and putting as well. Try to make the most of your swing, especially if you have had lessons recently. A round of golf means more than just teeing off.

Getting your mood under control is a vital warm-up tip in golf. The goal is not to get your frustrations out on a golf ball; it will not help your game at all. Take time to focus on your game, get calm, and forget about your troubles. A bad mood can greatly affect your golf game.

A warm-up session is not the place try out new clubs, swings, or try new techniques at all. This is the time you make the effort to play your best game, as if you were at the first tee. It is fine to try a few practice swings if have been practicing them already, and you want to try it in your first game, but do not get carried away during your practice session. The point of the warm-up session is to loosen your muscles and build your confidence. You cannot do that if you are trying something totally new, and you keep making mistakes. By using the techniques you are used to, you will be ready to congratulate yourself on your triumph during your warm-up and your game.

If you think that you do not need a good warm up session before your golf game, think about how you typically play if you do not warm up. How is your first tee? How are the subsequent tees? Did you have to spend most of the game making up for poor strokes in the beginning? The warm up is your chance to get your mistakes before they end up on your scorecard. By taking the time to warm you muscles and mind up, you will play a more confident golf game.


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